Speaking Out Against Bullying, and Standing Up for Freedom

Election year. In most places in this country, we get to choose which crusty old white dude we want to represent our district and state. In Colorado, the choice for senator is between Michael Bennett and Ken Buck.

This morning, Bennett and Buck debated on “Meet The Press” with David Gregory. According to what I read on Twitter (I didn’t watch it, I drank too much corn whiskey last night), Ken Buck said being gay is a choice. It was David Gregory who tweeted that.

Ok…even if being gay is a choice, so what? Does that mean that people who choose to be gay aren’t afforded the pursuit of happiness expressed in the Declaration of Independence; one of our nation’s most sacred documents? I realize that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness weren’t meant for everybody at the time it was written…Thomas Jefferson was probably excluding black people since he was a slave owner, but since then America has decided, in spite of the people who live here and fight against freedom, that everyone should have that opportunity.

So why not gay people? Why do some people bully gay people? Why do some people even care if another person is gay? It’s not like anyone is trying to broadcast gay pornography on prime time network television. They don’t even do that with straight porn. If someone has that big of a problem with gay people, enough so that they stand up and speak out against them, then the first thing I think is that person must be gay and unhappy because they are violently suppressing their own inclinations. That may not be true, but it’s what I think when I hear someone like that talk. Just so you know: If you’re bullying gay people and making it your cause that they shouldn’t be afforded the same rights as heterosexual couples, then I think you’re gay. I don’t mean that as an insult; I mean I feel bad for you, because you’re obviously unhappy with yourself.

But back to Ken Buck. Being gay is a choice according to him. That’s a dumb argument. Even if that’s the case, don’t people who make that choice still deserve to live out their lives in the best manner that makes them happy? This is supposedly a free country. And I, for one, am not concerned with what other people do when they’re naked in the privacy of their own homes, or cars, or wherever people decide to get freaky. It’s not the government’s place to decide these things, and it’s not even society’s. There’s no need to define what behavior is acceptable among consenting adults. There should be little interest in it too, outside of your own bedroom behavior.

It’s all a matter of preference. Why are we so concerned with the personal lives of one another? Why do we try to hurt other people? Bullying and causing pain to people because of their preferences isn’t fair, and it doesn’t advance you as a person; it just makes you look like an unintelligent closet homosexual that has also failed as a human being.

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