Studio: Day One

Gettin’ a little weird with that video, but that’s really the spirit we tried to embrace in the studio today. We’re getting as weird as we do in our basement rehearsal space. Last time we were in the studio with Joe, we only got a couple songs done.

We had less time, and less experience.

Today, we made preliminary tracks for six songs. All together, we probably recorded 10 songs. Tomorrow we focus on adding the different layers – guitars, vox, shakers, harmonicas, harps – and then Sunday is reserved for mixing as much as we can get done in a full-day session.

We took a couple different approaches to these recordings. We isolated the drums on a few tracks, and on others we recorded live with the guitar amp in the room. We’re going for a big sound on these tracks, and we’re pretty excited with what the groundwork we’ve laid.

We’ve got something on the horizon… maybe an album, maybe just a few songs we’ll throw out there over the next couple months.

If you wanna come talk to us about it, maybe get a couple preliminary copies of this stuff, we’re jammin’ at the Larimer Lounge this Thursday, Dec. 9 at 9 pm.

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