Studio: Day Three

“Brought to you by Zeus.” -Joe Turse

Thinking outside the box, and talking about $7000 “basket weave” snare drums.

Our new tracks are being EQed on the Square State Solid State equalizer; designed, constructed and sold by Joe’s own company.

Joe's Square State Solid State Equalizer

Mixing day…isolated drum tracks go from sounding like drum tracks to dark scary howls from deep within the frozen caves of the Himalayas.

“Go Again” may be “Free Bird” epic. This house smells like nag champa.

Madison, WI on the horizon. It’s on an isthmus. Faith in The Indie Bible will get us there.

“We could write a book of analogies from this session.” one of the songs sounds like two guitars playing solos at each other from boats across the water.

It’s funny, we were here a year ago, and nothing has changed. Joe’s chair without wheels, some tiny electronic keyboard on top of three boxes with blinking lights… I don’t know what they do.

What has changed is our level of efficiency. What we’re able to get done.

In the end, we’ve got six songs on a CD (two alternate mixes of one). We’ll let you know soon what the final cuts are (from this session). They’re still a little raw and unfinished, but definitely rockable. We can’t wait to get them into your hands and your ears, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know how to get your own copy.

One way to get a copy – We’ll have some copies for sure this Thursday, December 9 at The Larimer Lounge. We hit the stage at 9 pm, and we’d love to see you there. so we can tell you all about our studio adventures, and so we can show you our new SFoM gear.

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