SFoM – Lion’s Lair Recap and Pictures 7/8/11

Ever heard the tale of Daniel in the Lion’s Den? Last night it was SFoM in the Lion’s Lair. Not because the stories of Daniel and SFoM match up, but because it sounds bad ass to say that.

We were like this last night... except with instruments.

We tamed the lions in their lair with our three main implements of rock: bass, guitar and drums. We also weirded the lions out with the Kaossilator. This weird little yellow thing Matty manipulates between songs.

The night started off with The Blackhounds, a modern southern rock outfit from North Carolina. They were great.

Following them was The Worth. They are one of the most intense local acts I’ve seen since The Stuntdoubles. Powerful metal riffs and shout-screaming whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

We had our work cut out for us after the warm-up the crowd got from those two bands. There was a man at the bar during our setup that kept shouting that the music made him “want to kill and everything.” We didn’t want that to happen… but we also didn’t want this crowd (metaphorical lions) to turn on us.

We setup fast, turned up loud, and blistered through a real rager of a set for 70 mins. We were all blinded by sweat and exhausted by the end. This might’ve been our finest performance to date.

Some highlights:

  1. Opening with back-to-back instrumentals
  2. Just playing LOUD
  3. Hearing people describe us as “Amazing”
  4. Learning that the Lion’s Lair has been voted Best Jukebox in Denver through Westword.
  5. Getting to hear “Raw Power” by The Stooges and “Pusher Man” by Curtis Mayfield on that Jukebox
  6. Getting turned onto The Worth and The Blackhounds. Two awesome bands.
  7. Our most faithful fans, and their photography
  8. Finding good parking
  9. Headlining The Lion’s Lair.
Make sure you check us out next time we come around. Check out our music here, or at last.fm. Also, come to our shows, buy a shirt and CLOTHE YOUR CHILDREN!! No more burlap sacks for them at school! They’ll look flashy in their SFoM gear, and they’ll become popular – the most important thing about getting an education.
Here are some photos. Enjoy!


Breton preparing for the set by receiving his ritual cockpunching from Matty

There we are...

The Lion's Lair

Brainstorming a Rager

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