Pics and Memories from Ned’s Last Night

Ned Kelly’s last night… I don’t know if we’ve ever gotten so much help with our sound. We even had a guy run up and fix Matty’s drum kit when his ride cymbal cocked forward and landed on his snare during “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” at the beginning of the first set. “Turn up the bass… turn up the drummer’s mic… turn up the vocals… more guitar…” at least everyone was telling us to turn it up.

By the end of the night, with hundreds of bright-ass LEDs flashing, and the decibels in the 80s or 90s, we turned that Irish/Australian pub into the Rocky Mountain outpost of American Rock and Roll. What we laid down was picked up by the Ned’s revelers. It’s always an ego boost playing there. Littleton might be the springboard for the next great American rock and roll scene. Or maybe it’ll be Arvada.

Some highlights:

  • All the rockers and rollers in attendence
  • Guinness
  • The lights were blinding!
  • The folks who signed up for our email list
  • The crowd liked “Damn Shame”
  • “Picture Show” sounded like a punk-rock Frankenstein’s monster
  • The resurrection of the acoustic set

We’re going to book a couple more shows for 2011, we’ve got new music to record, and we’re planning a tour of the Midwest in 2012. Stay tuned!

The photographic record:

We rocked an acoustic set in the middle of the show

Matt Berg stays one step ahead of Death on the bass guitar

Matty Keeps Time

More rockin'

Here are the loyal SFoMers enjoying an autumn evening while having their bones rattled

Breton played the guitar remarkably well considering the gamma radiation coming from our Colorado flag

Keeping it together

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