SFoM’s Secret Show – Sweetwater Station

Sorry we haven’t written in a while. We had to go underground and ride out the storm. While we were down there, we joined forces with local guitarslinger Jonathan Zurek. He helps promote strong blues and the daily allowance of blazing leads in the SFoM Rock Pyramid.

Like this, but for ROCK

The four of us returned from the underground at the Sweetwater Station in Beautiful Westminster, Colorado, and we took on an open mic challenge. We played an hour of new songs from our ever-expanding universe of covers.

Since this was our secret show, we can’t divulge the new songs… but we’re back, and we’ll be talking to you again soon. Stay tuned.

The Photographic Record

Sweetwater is what they call beer in Westminster

Bret sings when blue lights are on behind him

Bass arrives at the Sweetwater Station

Jon focuses on his guitar

Bret plays guitar when green lights are on behind him

Jon and Breton tuning up for rehearsal

The rhythm section

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