I think Pearl Jam must’ve watched one of our old videos…

Well, not really… but there are some similarities between the new Pearl Jam video for “Mind Your Manners” on their upcoming Lightning Bolt release, and this old video of us playing “Final Ride of the Ghost King” at the Skylark a few years back. It’s probably our “artiest” video, if you’ll permit me to make up a word to describe it.

Here are the videos for you to compare for yourselves:

“Final Ride of the Ghost King” – SFoM

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TaZbu5OZE-c]

We played that night with File 13, a band that’s still kickin’ around on the underground. Special thanks to Dave for letting me play his bass that night.

“Mind Your Manners” – Pearl Jam

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWQYYavheUA]

As you can see, we both felt our songs were about the natural and manmade destruction of the world. And we both like to rock out.

Thanks for coming to The 12 Volt last night!

We had a spectacular time last night at The 12 Volt Tavern. Thanks to everyone who got out and supported us again; thanks to Eugene’s Axe for an epic set, and thanks to Miller Lite for the hangover (and also, thanks to my girlfriend for driving me home…and stopping at Wendy’s).

Rumor has it there was some good footage, so we’re gonna cut that up and distribute it to keep things interesting.

We’re gonna huddle up and get ready for the next set of plays. We’ll be releasing some new music soon, and of course we’ll keep you posted on that. We’re looking to jam in the Highlands next, and we’ll let you know when that’s finalized.

E Pluribus, SFoM.

The Fox Theater – Boulder! SFoM and the resurrection of Eugene’s Axe


August 3, 2013 – Doors at 6:30, show starts with us – The Mighty SFoM – at 7:30 sharp. All ages! (12+)

Also playing, 8 Foot Orphan, and the triumphant return of headliners Eugene’s Axe! Great night for fun.

Tix $7, ($9, under 21)

We’ll have shirts and stickers with which you may enrich your lives. We’ve also got limited copies of the A-side of our upcoming single “Foolin’ Me,” for those of you who show up early.

Hope to see everybody!

Upcoming Fox Theater gig is like a dream coming true…

I love summer, and I’d hate for anything to hasten it to the end, but I am really looking forward to the beginning of August, when we get to take the stage of the fabled Fox Theater in Boulder.

I remember, many moons ago, in July of 2001, seeing Blues Traveler there. It was the day after seeing them at Red Rocks, and my friend Isaac got wind they were playing a last minute show at the Fox.

After the show, we met some folks from Seattle who were traveling around with the band on tour. They had recently gotten busted for possession of pot (in my day, it was a crime) and were a little riled up from the raid on their Winnebago.

We noticed one of them was holding a drum head. “Are you a drummer?”

“Yeah, but I got this so I can get their autographs.”

“Whose autographs?”

“The band.”

About this time it dawned on Isaac and I that we had hung out in front of the Fox for a good while, and surely Blues Traveler had to leave some time. Sure enough, they started to exit the front doors with a small entourage. They were in no hurry to get anywhere.

The guitarist, Chan Kinchla, was talking with a couple of people he looked like he knew pretty well. His younger brother, Tad Kinchala, the bass player was talking to a couple other people. The drummer, Brendan Hill actually approached us and started a conversation.

He noticed the guy’s drumhead, “You want me to sign that?” he asked. The guy was like, “Yeah,” (of course) so we approached, and asked if we could borrow the dude’s sharpie.

“Sure, you can actually keep it. I’ve got another one.” Sometimes things work out that way.

We gave the drummer what we had to sign: a couple bumperstickers we got from some hippie on the Hill outside of the Fox that said, “Never trust the son of a Bush.” He read it and laughed and sort of nodded his agreement. So there, we had Brendan Hill’s autograph and a Sharpie. We though we should try to get the others’ autographs as well.

Isaac and I conferred over how we should approach these dudes. John Popper was the last to exit, but the first to leave. As he rushed to a car with his driver, we were able to shake his hand, but that was about it.

So we went back and approached Tad, who wasn’t that interested in starting a conversation, but was willing to sign our bumper stickers. We thanked him and moved on to Chan, the guitarist.

I never thought meeting a rock star would be like meeting Chan. He was feeling really good at the time, and when we told him, “You rock, man!” after he signed our propaganda, he threw that love right back at us tenfold.

“No, YOU GUYS ROCK!” He said back at us. He then gave us a speech about what it means to him to be able to play music and to have people enjoy it, and about how blessed he felt to be in that position. Pretty much the nicest thing you could expect a rock star to say to you. So that made us feel pretty good.

The good old days. I spent a lot of evenings on the Hill in my youth. Isaac and I on another night witnessed a brawl from inside the Fox spilling out into the street. A man smashed a car window with his forearm right in front of us… and right in front of some cops, who asked him to sit down on the curb. He must’ve considered the condition of his bleeding arm, because he did just that.

So anyway, there you have it. The good and the bad. There was way more good. Blues Traveler wasn’t the only show I saw there. I’ve seen Jon Butler Trio, Ben Harper… too many to name. And soon, I’ll get to say I was there, along with my band mates and brothers… and the dudes in Eugene’s Axe.

Hell, Rolling Stone even called it the fourth best club in the country.

Saturday, August 3, 2013 is gonna be the night everybody’s dreams come true. Rock on. Get Tickets, before they sell out!

Wednesday Night – April 4 – SFoM at Eck’s Saloon

That’s right, we’re playing WEDNESDAY night… Miercoles. The day of Mercury. It’s like we’re 21 year olds trying to start a band again! I can feel the late-stage teen angst coursing through my veins.

Eck’s Saloon
West Girton Drive
Lakewood, CO 80227

Wednesday, April 4, 8:30 pm

What I want is for you to pretend you’re 21 and living in the dorms or your parent’s basement; you have very little money, it’s Wednesday night, and you’re bored. Well, Eck’s Saloon has $3 you-call-it pint night on Wednesday night. So take what little money you have, and make the decision you would have made when you were 21 – go drinking. 

“But Matt, I was very responsible when I was 21, and I now have a family and a mortgage and a SUV-crossover payment.” Do you think you’re better than us? Or the people that come to our shows? Stay home then. You won’t like Eck’s Saloon. Their logo has balls on it. Nothing makes me want to go to a bar more than seeing balls (blue ones, to top it off).

Behold! Blue Balls!

We’re sharing the bill with Covergeist. We’re gonna play some stuff you never heard us play before. Remember: The show is on the downward slope of Hump Day. We hope to see you there!

Be irresponsible, everybody.

Stories about Doomsday always start like this…

According, to an article on space.com, the Sun has had itself a little ol’ accident (massive solar storm). We were hit by the light energy already yesterday, but expect the particles and matter to hit us about 5 am Denver time, tomorrow, March 8. It’s going to be a strange night… prepare yourselves.

See how different types of solar flares stack up in this SPACE.com infographic.
Source: SPACE.com: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

If I’m not mistaken, this is how Night of the Living Dead started…

Ticket Scalpers Use Software to Screw Radiohead Fans in Denver – 7News

If you were wondering if it was just you and everyone you know that didn’t get Radiohead tickets in Denver, it wasn’t. It was pretty much everyone. 7News reports that scalpers use software to buy tickets online.

Video Link to 7News Radiohead story

Check out this Facebook page that was inspired by the events of last weekend. Radiohead Fans Against Scalpers

Thanks to our friend Ryan for informing us of this video.