Denver Paper Fashion Show


The 11th Annual Art Director’s Club of Denver Paper Fashion Show just took place on April 10, 2015. Among the many in attendance was SFoM’s bass player, who took footage from the event of Sakura Lab’s “Siren’s Call” dress and edited it together with an instrumental track from SFoM’s upcoming studio project.

For those curious, this is an instrumental version of a song called “Reason to Sin.” The designers of the dress were Tricia Smith, Angela Mavers and Richard Smith. The ADCD Paper Fashion Show is a fundraising benefit for the Downtown Aurora Visual Arts program.

SFoM Covers “Steady As She Goes” By The Raconteurs

We laid down “Steady As She Goes” by The Raconteurs while warming up before a recent recording session. This cut is a little rough around the edges, but then again, Weezer made a career from sounding like that. We’re not Weezer though. We’re SFoM, and we are mighty. (Not that Weezer isn’t.)

Updated with a better version.

Check it out!

I think Pearl Jam must’ve watched one of our old videos…

Well, not really… but there are some similarities between the new Pearl Jam video for “Mind Your Manners” on their upcoming Lightning Bolt release, and this old video of us playing “Final Ride of the Ghost King” at the Skylark a few years back. It’s probably our “artiest” video, if you’ll permit me to make up a word to describe it.

Here are the videos for you to compare for yourselves:

“Final Ride of the Ghost King” – SFoM


We played that night with File 13, a band that’s still kickin’ around on the underground. Special thanks to Dave for letting me play his bass that night.

“Mind Your Manners” – Pearl Jam


As you can see, we both felt our songs were about the natural and manmade destruction of the world. And we both like to rock out.

SFoM Rocks Arvada – Live at the 12 Volt Tavern – August 17, 2013

batteryOlde Town Arvada better get ready for some Olde Time Rock ‘n’ Roll… It won’t be at Ye Olde Tavern, but The 12 Volt Tavern –  A venue so electrifying, they invoked the idea of a car battery when they named it.

$5 at the door, Saturday, August 17. Performances by The Mighty SFoM and Eugene’s Axe, fresh after a historic Fox Theater show, start at 9 pm sharp!

Come down to 7514 Grandview Ave., Arvada on Saturday to rock out! While you’re there, be sure to get your hands on some t-shirts and stickers to show everybody you Support Local Music! Limited edition CD’s available too!

Some Pics from The Fox Theater – Boulder – August 3, 2013

Thanks to everyone who attended this memorable event! We had a blast as we got a glimpse of the next level in the rockstar game. Thanks to Eugene’s Axe for organizing such a great show, and thanks to 8 Foot Orphan for playing “Achilles Last Stand.” Thanks to The Fox for letting us use the stage to display what we’ve been working on in basements and bars for these last six years or so. Rock on!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Fox Theater – Boulder! SFoM and the resurrection of Eugene’s Axe

August 3, 2013 – Doors at 6:30, show starts with us – The Mighty SFoM – at 7:30 sharp. All ages! (12+)

Also playing, 8 Foot Orphan, and the triumphant return of headliners Eugene’s Axe! Great night for fun.

Tix $7, ($9, under 21)

We’ll have shirts and stickers with which you may enrich your lives. We’ve also got limited copies of the A-side of our upcoming single “Foolin’ Me,” for those of you who show up early.

Hope to see everybody!

Tonight Only! SFoM Show Band Rhythm and Blues Review

TONIGHT!! April 26, 2013. Show starts at 9 pm MDT SHARP!

…Only it’s not at the Lake Wazzapamani Palace Hotel Ballroom. It’s at:


1967 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

(For you blessed souls who take public transit, it’s at Broadway and Jewell)

$5 at the Door – But it’s completely free to stay at home, sad, and miss the experience…

Also, there is a mega-surprise. One I am reluctant to speak, for it borders on the unbelieveable… but, here it goes…


Hope to see you there. Arrive prepared.

Come on, give us a like! We'll treat ya nice!

SFoM at Ziggies Oct 11th @ 8 PM

Thursday, October 11 – 8 pm, SFoM will share the stage with our friends in Slight Return – Denver’s Premier Hendrix Tribute Band…two great local acts ready to put on a good show at a venue we’ve always wanted to play.

Ziggies Saloon
4923 West 38th Avenue, Denver, CO

SFoM – 8 to 9:30
Slight Return 9:45 – 12

Celebrate Aurora with SFoM at Gibby’s in Aurora Tonight!

We’re ready to believe you

Yeah, so we’re playing some gig tonight. I think the show has already started. Music, beach volleyball, chicken wings, beer… it’s all there at Gibby’s Sports Saloon in Aurora. We take the stage at 7:45 pm.

It’s free to enter.

What’s the occasion? Gibby’s is having an End-of-Summer Party to Celebrate Aurora and benefit the charity, and their drive to help the victims of last month’s movie theater tragedy. There is a silent auction going on, and also they will be taking donations. According to Gibby’s page about the event, if you donate $50, you get access to a VIP area where there’s free beer.

So if you got nothing going on, come on down to Aurora tonight (August 25, 2012), listen to some music and help a good cause.

Also, Jammin’ 101.5 is co-hosting the event with Gibby’s, so they might make us play some Bobbie Brown (it’s their prerogative).