Beneath the Extreme SuperMoon – SFoM Live at Bushwackers Saloon, Denver- March 19, 9 pm

Saturday, March 19, 2011: a date which will always be remembered…as the beginning of the End of Days .

What it's going to be like on March 19

There’s a full moon that night, but it’s also a full moon at perigee (when the moon is closest to the planet in its orbit). What’s special about this particular lunar perigee is that it will be the closest the moon has come to this spaceship we call Earth in 18 years.

The moon affects the ocean tides. When the moon is full, the planet experiences spring tides – the highest tides. Since the moon is on the opposite side of the planet from the Sun, the gravity of the Sun pulls the Earth one way and the moon pulls the Earth the other. The Earth gets pointy, like a football, and the water of the oceans is prone to these stresses.

The Earth’s plates are subject to tides as well, as they float atop the magma that comprises the mantle. The pressure on the Earth’s crust at the bottom of the oceans goes through stresses from increasing and decreasing water pressure caused by the heavier-than-usual tidal activity.

Since the moon will be much closer than usual, a mere 221,567 miles from here, the force of gravity between it and the Earth will also be increased, since gravity is based on the product of the masses of two objects divided by the radius of their centers of gravity squared. This means we can expect increased tidal activity in both the oceans and the land masses.

As the Earth experiences these forces, and the continental plates shift, and the oceans rise and fall, it’s easy to see why astrologer Richard Nolle might predict earthquakes and volcanoes.

There is one other force of nature that will be at work the night of March 19…That force is SFoM. We’ll be playing one of Denver’s favorite dive bars – Bushwackers Saloon – and we’ll FIGHT BACK against the forces of the “Extreme SuperMoon,” and make one final stand for Earth! The battle begins at 9 pm with newcomers Amish Combat, and the evening winds down with our friends C4x.

We hope to see you there… your planet needs you…