It was the third of September… Saturday Night! Scruffy Murphy’s! LoDo Denver

This Saturday Night!

It was the third of September…that date I’ll always remember, yes I will… ‘Cause that was the day, SFoM played Scruffy’s.

If you’ve never had the chance to see us. Never heard nothin’ but bad things about us…well then we’re depending on our music to tell you the truth.

Saturday Night! Put your glad rags on and head down to LoDo, Denver! Scruffy Murphy’s! This September 3, We’ll be playing from 9 pm until the Sun rises, or 1 am, which ever comes first. If your papa was a rollin’ stone, then this is the place for you to be.

We’ve got some new music to perform, and new weapons in our rock arsenal to battle the forces of lameness. We’re expecting to have a good time, and we’re looking for people who want the same thing for their Saturday evening.

We’ll be a couple blocks east of Coors Field. Stop by for some rock, beer and whiskey.

As always, we’ll have plenty of free CDs and some t-shirts for people to sport. Scrobble us on, or you can listen to us here, and be liberated!

Life is short. Come check us out. When we die, all we’ll leave you is alone.

SFoM… Still At It In The Basement

We haven’t given up; we haven’t gone away.


A picture of the letter we got from the Red Cross

After the fundraiser, we’ve just been doing our thing the last few weeks. Like learning new material, expanding on old ideas, drinking Busch Light and having a good time. In our effort to ever entertain you, we’re coming up with new ideas on how we can entertain you. Here’s a short list of some of our online endeavors.


Speaking of YouTube, here’s a couple gems from recent practice sessions. The first one is (another) Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers cover – “I Need To Know.” One of our favorites. Check it out, and you’ll see why.

This may come as a shock, but there is a little work involved in creating a song. If only it were as easy as strapping on a guitar and making beautiful sounds that you immediately knew couldn’t be any better. Alas, each SFoM original must go through a period of “woodshedding,” as we call it, where we put it on the workbench, cut it up, piece it together and sand it down. Here’s an example of us woodshedding a new song that doesn’t even have a title yet.

SFoM’s first bass player, a dude named Brian Bittmann, has also been making some appearances around the basement lately, trying to add to the stew the flavor and spice contained within the keyboard. Here’s a short little snippet from a happy little tune of his called “Lead” I shot while the band took a little break on a lovely springtime morning.

This is only a little snapshot of what we’ve been working on. Come check us out sometime! It’s the closest you can get to Valhalla in this world.

We’ll be at Ned Kelly’s on May 7 all night. Free show! Cheap booze!


Hell of a Saturday

Man, we were on fire tonight. We were so loose and good. It was one of the best technical performances we ever had. Such a great time; we brought in some good folk, and the crowd at the bar and on the patio was appreciative of our efforts.

Also, the staff at Ned’s is awesome. Those cats go out of their way to hook the band up. The crowd was great too. Some guys telling us we were the best band they’ve seen at Ned’s.

We played a mix of covers and originals, and we were perfect on all of it. It was just so easy after playing in a big place like Scruffy’s; Ned’s is so small, it’s almost like jamming in our basement. Breton’s attenuator let’s us bring big guitar sound into a small area too.

So here I am, typing this stuff and watching Pulp Fiction at quarter to 4. We got some stuff coming up; we’re playing Ned’s again on October 9, and a tentative gig on Sept. 11. You know, Sept. 11 was stolen by the terrorists and Fox news; we’re stealing it back.

Some highlights of the evening…

  1. “Inside My Mind” caught the attention of some people.
  2. Drank too much Boddington’s two nights in a row.
  3. Got to see Jared; the man after which our sacred deer is named.
  4. Tried a new shot called a “Baby Guinness.” It was Bailey’s (of course), and some Patron XO Cafe something-or-other. The shot looked like a Guinness, and it really did have some kind of idealistic Guinness taste.
  5. Someone bought us shots again.
  6. We met Caroline the bartender.
  7. People appreciated Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers songs as usual.
  8. Funk #49/Do It In The Road came off great.
  9. There were too many songs that were performed well to list here.

We’re trying to get some shows up north. In the meantime, we got a couple pending, and we’ll keep you posted.

ALSO: Tonight, the origin of our SFoM moniker was unveiled: we bought Matty’s drum kit from a Christian rock band that broke up called “Songs For our Messiah,” and we decided to keep the letters as our own.  Songs For our Messiah broke up after a lewd video starring the rhythm guitarist and the sax player’s mom surfaced on the Internet.

Tonight! We Rock An Australian…errrr, Irish Pub in Littleton!

Ned Kelly’s! Named after some murderous rampager who lived his whole life in Victoria, Australia. Of course it’s an Irish Pub! Well, they serve Guinness, Jameson, and things like bangers and mash. Mmm…bangers…and mash. Isn’t mash that game where you find out who you’re going to marry, and what kind of house you’re going to live in? (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House is what it stands for). Oh well, who cares? WE’RE WINNING!! And hopefully the Broncos will be too.

Oh yeah, it’s also some sort of western festival in Littleton tonight. Come out and celebrate manifest destiny!

For more information on the infamous Australian bushranger, click here!

Ned Kelly’s Irish Pub
5686 S. Sycamore Street – Littleton

Last Night at Scruffy Murphy’s

We had a good time; we always do there. A couple guys got up and sang some tunes with us. Not sure who they were, or why they thought it was some kind of karaoke thing, but it was fun. I drank plenty of Boddington’s. Damn fine beer. I also ate the spicy turkey sandwich, made w/ Sriracha mayo. It was the bomb – Scruffy Murphy’s has good sandwiches, and they serve food until 1 am.

Some highlights from last evening:

  1. Funk #49/Why Don’t We Do It In The Road mash-up
  2. Spicy Turkey Sandwich
  3. Bret’s friends were kind enough to bum me cigarettes…so was my brother’s girlfriend. (I quit…buying them)
  4. We opened with an all-original mini-set
  5. A couple girls we never seen before, and never saw afterwards brought us shots of whiskey on stage, and then took our glasses.
  6. The crowd sang along to Add It Up

We’re fortunate enough to be able to get up and do it again tonight down in Ned Kelly’s. Rock and Roll can save the world!