Get Creditable! – Shout out to a homey

Tony Robbins said, “The true purpose of any corporation is to create products and services that increase the quality of life for all the customers they serve.” With this sort of principle in mind, Ryan Bales, a good friend of mine, has been hard at work for the last year developing a web site devoted to consumer debt management and personal financial health.

Check out Creditable, when you get a chance (now would be a good time, since all you’re doing is reading a rock band’s blog). Ryan has tirelessly researched and developed this thing into a step-by-step program equipped with a toolbox to get the pigs off your back, and to get your credit on track so you can max and relax on your yacht and sip on Chandon, like you deserve to be doing. Oh, and another thing about it: it’s anonymous. You can deal with your finances without telling anyone who you are.

Creditable, in my opinion, is really a helpful site. Ryan’s knowledge on the matter is far-reaching, and even if you think you know what you’re doing in regards to management of your own personal debts and finances, I’m sure that if you went through the wizard, and checked out some of the tools on the site that there would be things you haven’t even thought of. Check it out!