SFoM Larimer Lounge Recap

Good show tonight, despite not having that many people in attendance. We did have people there, but one of the amenities of the Larimer Lounge is the set of big screen TVs playing the view of the stage at the bar, so a lot of people just chilled’ at the bar and got quite a show.

Got quite a few compliments after the set, and we handed out some CDs to people who seemed grateful. The Longest Day Of The Year opened up the night with a country set fronted by some Tom Waits-like vocals, and after us, another country band called Elliott Moonshine and the Ghost played another good outlaw set.

We rocked it. Despite the other bands, we didn’t really reach into our country bag; we bucked the trend with our face melters. We took it to another level by closing the set with “Tell Me,” a spooky slow rock song that builds a tower to the sky! Like the one in Babel that the Lord knocked down. Only He likes this one.

Some highlights of the night:

  1. Natalie, Jason and Phalicity representin’ for us. Love you guys!
  2. Mr. Bill making the trek from Lawrence, KS for the “CD release party” before he heads to Alaska in January…like a crazy man.
  3. Rocky and his bad-ass vintage jacket.
  4. Andrew keepin’ it real at the merch table.
  5. The bartender…if she were green, she’d be like one of those hot green chicks from Star Trek.
  6. The chick in the Gogol Bordello shirt. Hope she shows up to a few more shows.
  7. The sound guy at the Larimer Lounge really takes pride in his work. Need to get his name.
  8. The new lights running through the room gave it a nice glow.
  9. Matty wrecked another snare in the LL. He started carrying an extra one with him to shows because of the first time it happened. Didn’t have it this time. Fret not, because it all worked out.

Well, that’s it for us in 2010. Stay tuned for our 2011 show lineup, and we’ll let you know soon how you can score some of our recordings. Tomorrow (er…later today) I’m headed to the Colorado Music Summit to talk some business with some guys on the local scene. Anything to push the boundaries and make us better. We love you all!

Take me to the other siiiiiiide…

Just jammed an all-original set at Cervantes’ Other Side. The 20 or so people in attendance got a face full of rockin’ Denver music.  Here’s the set list:

  1. Time You See
  2. Ego Pimp
  3. Go Again
  4. New Life
  5. Flagship
  6. Time’s Forgotten Horse
  7. Tell Me
  8. The Show
  9. Know Me Well
  10. Try For You
  11. Final Ride of the Ghost King
  12. What They Say

Some outlaw country guy from Fort Worth, TX named Daniel opened the night in solo acoustic fashion. He tours under the name 800 Mile Monday. Donning a cowboy hat, he sat and yodeled his way in Hank Williams fashion through some sad and messed up country songs about friends’ ODing in the men’s room, and the Civil War from a losing Southerner’s perspective.

We supported The Deedles from Kansas; they are a country-driven rock band with a lot of roots-rock sounds. They are lead by a woman with a really strong voice. The drummer Scott donned a mohawk, and had some kind of Rob Halford energy about him. The lead guitarist and backup vocalist strongly resembled Eddie Vedder. The Deedles are a tight band that played groovy songs.

Cervantes’ Other Side is located about half a block from the actual Five Points… it’s located in the neighborhood, but the Five Points themselves are visible from the front door. Five streets intersecting at approximately 27th and Welton. The Light Rail rode by periodically, humming and dinging up the track.  A Detroit soul food restaurant right across the street fried up some of the best smelling chicken I ever smelled. I didn’t eat any, but drummer Matty More got a dinner of it. It looked so awesome…not ordering any might be among my list of life’s great regrets…God, I love chicken…

Anyway, it was an amazing set. It’s too bad it was a Wednesday night in an unfamiliar neighborhood, but soon we’ll play shows like these in convenient places in front of grips of people.