SFoM Rocks The Larimer Lounge Tonight – Denver

Buenos tardes, amigos. Just a reminder – Tonight (Saturday, July 14, 2012) is the really big show. SFoM plays at the Larimer Lounge at 11 pm. The music starts at 9, so show up early.

Why is this the really big show, you ask. Well, it’s the return of the original rock power trio after an eight month hiatus.

Anyway, it’s $10 at the door, but if you have special tickets it’s only $5. We have special tickets, so hit us up if you want one or two… they are almost gone though, so hurry!

The Larimer Lounge
2721 Larimer Street
Denver, CO
$10, or $5 with tickets 

We’re ready to believe you

SFoM Larimer Lounge Recap

Good show tonight, despite not having that many people in attendance. We did have people there, but one of the amenities of the Larimer Lounge is the set of big screen TVs playing the view of the stage at the bar, so a lot of people just chilled’ at the bar and got quite a show.

Got quite a few compliments after the set, and we handed out some CDs to people who seemed grateful. The Longest Day Of The Year opened up the night with a country set fronted by some Tom Waits-like vocals, and after us, another country band called Elliott Moonshine and the Ghost played another good outlaw set.

We rocked it. Despite the other bands, we didn’t really reach into our country bag; we bucked the trend with our face melters. We took it to another level by closing the set with “Tell Me,” a spooky slow rock song that builds a tower to the sky! Like the one in Babel that the Lord knocked down. Only He likes this one.

Some highlights of the night:

  1. Natalie, Jason and Phalicity representin’ for us. Love you guys!
  2. Mr. Bill making the trek from Lawrence, KS for the “CD release party” before he heads to Alaska in January…like a crazy man.
  3. Rocky and his bad-ass vintage jacket.
  4. Andrew keepin’ it real at the merch table.
  5. The bartender…if she were green, she’d be like one of those hot green chicks from Star Trek.
  6. The chick in the Gogol Bordello shirt. Hope she shows up to a few more shows.
  7. The sound guy at the Larimer Lounge really takes pride in his work. Need to get his name.
  8. The new lights running through the room gave it a nice glow.
  9. Matty wrecked another snare in the LL. He started carrying an extra one with him to shows because of the first time it happened. Didn’t have it this time. Fret not, because it all worked out.

Well, that’s it for us in 2010. Stay tuned for our 2011 show lineup, and we’ll let you know soon how you can score some of our recordings. Tomorrow (er…later today) I’m headed to the Colorado Music Summit to talk some business with some guys on the local scene. Anything to push the boundaries and make us better. We love you all!

SFoM * December 9 * Larimer Lounge

Thursday Night, we’re playin’ an all-original set at the Larimer Lounge – 9 pm. We got t-shirts and stickers for you to check out…after our recent stint in the studio, we may have some music for you to take home as well! Details to come…

Reply to this post, or contact us at somefriendsofmine@yahoo.com for tickets. We’ll get you hooked up out front with some tickets so you can get in cheap.

The Larimer Lounge kicks ass as a venue. I noticed a lot of improvements the last time I was there. It’s also a club with a little mystique. So if you’re looking to come out and support the local rock scene, this Thursday is the night to do it. SFoM, December 9, 9 pm (2100 hours) at the Larimer Lounge!

Thursday, December 9, 2010 * 9 pm * $4 w/ ticket
The Larimer Lounge * 2721 Larimer Street * Denver

Studio: Day Three

“Brought to you by Zeus.” -Joe Turse

Thinking outside the box, and talking about $7000 “basket weave” snare drums.

Our new tracks are being EQed on the Square State Solid State equalizer; designed, constructed and sold by Joe’s own company.

Joe's Square State Solid State Equalizer

Mixing day…isolated drum tracks go from sounding like drum tracks to dark scary howls from deep within the frozen caves of the Himalayas.

“Go Again” may be “Free Bird” epic. This house smells like nag champa.

Madison, WI on the horizon. It’s on an isthmus. Faith in The Indie Bible will get us there.

“We could write a book of analogies from this session.” one of the songs sounds like two guitars playing solos at each other from boats across the water.

It’s funny, we were here a year ago, and nothing has changed. Joe’s chair without wheels, some tiny electronic keyboard on top of three boxes with blinking lights… I don’t know what they do.

What has changed is our level of efficiency. What we’re able to get done.

In the end, we’ve got six songs on a CD (two alternate mixes of one). We’ll let you know soon what the final cuts are (from this session). They’re still a little raw and unfinished, but definitely rockable. We can’t wait to get them into your hands and your ears, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know how to get your own copy.

One way to get a copy – We’ll have some copies for sure this Thursday, December 9 at The Larimer Lounge. We hit the stage at 9 pm, and we’d love to see you there. so we can tell you all about our studio adventures, and so we can show you our new SFoM gear.

Studio: Day One

Gettin’ a little weird with that video, but that’s really the spirit we tried to embrace in the studio today. We’re getting as weird as we do in our basement rehearsal space. Last time we were in the studio with Joe, we only got a couple songs done.

We had less time, and less experience.

Today, we made preliminary tracks for six songs. All together, we probably recorded 10 songs. Tomorrow we focus on adding the different layers – guitars, vox, shakers, harmonicas, harps – and then Sunday is reserved for mixing as much as we can get done in a full-day session.

We took a couple different approaches to these recordings. We isolated the drums on a few tracks, and on others we recorded live with the guitar amp in the room. We’re going for a big sound on these tracks, and we’re pretty excited with what the groundwork we’ve laid.

We’ve got something on the horizon… maybe an album, maybe just a few songs we’ll throw out there over the next couple months.

If you wanna come talk to us about it, maybe get a couple preliminary copies of this stuff, we’re jammin’ at the Larimer Lounge this Thursday, Dec. 9 at 9 pm.

The Winter of Rock

December is almost here, and we’re looking forward to the upcoming winter months. Thursday, December 9 we play the Larimer Lounge; a favorite place of mine to jam. I feel like that place gives me the real-life rock star experience: I get to stand in the dark with a full sound system, stage lights, and I get to blast my own music at jet-engine noise levels. Another reason it’s ¬†exciting: we also get to show off our new t-shirts and hats for sale that night.

The Larimer Lounge isn’t the first nor only thing slotted for the darkest month of the year; this Friday we’re revisiting San Luis Sound – a recording studio set up in an old pipe organ rehearsal space in the midst of suburban Broomfield. San Luis Sound is run by local recording wizard Joe Turse, with whom we have worked before on our last two recorded tracks: “Try For You,” and “Know Me Well.”

After the studio and Larimer Lounge, we’re off the rest of the year (so far), and then we start strong in January, playing Ned Kelly’s once again.

It’s been a great year for SFoM – the best so far. If our past is any indicator, we’re up for some big things in 2011. What’s awesome is that we’ve worked to create in 2010, and that’s what we’re gonna carry with us into next year. SFoM is becoming something tangible; not just a band you see at a bar.

These are the days of our lives.

Ned Kelly’s Was Off The Chain Last Night

Great show last night! Ned Kelly’s in downtown Littleton was packed and full of rowdy women. Three birthday parties found their way to that little Irish bar, and were welcomed by the self-proclaimed best band in Denver.

Aside from my underachieving vocals, and my attempt at “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground” when Breton had to make a mid-set restroom run, we were on fire. We debuted a few new covers we’ve been rehearsing, and Matty and I embraced the essential tongue-in-cheekiness of rock and roll with a visit to a costume and vintage clothing shop before the gig.

Some highlights of the evening.

  1. Really hot bartender in a Jack Daniel’s shirt.
  2. The place was packed.
  3. There was a four song set around 10 pm where we had about 10 ladies just dancing right in front of us.
  4. The Nuggets beat the Mavericks, improving their record to 4-2.
  5. We played “Loving Cup,” and “Isis” for the first time.
  6. “Gloria” is really coming together and we’re starting to make it our own.
  7. We got mad email addresses to keep the locals interested in upcoming gigs.
  8. The paper towel dispenser in the men’s room got jammed.

It was a lot of fun. Now we look forward to our next upcoming shows: actual shows, not cover gigs. November 26 at Bushwackers (1967 S. Broadway). and The Larimer Lounge (2721 Larimer Street) on December 9. We’ll keep you posted.