SFoM Rocks Scruffy’s Tonight! 9 pm – Saturday, June 18! After The Rockies Game!

Are you ready, Denver? The greatest rock show known to man brings its act to one of the best spots in Lodo – Scruffy Murphy’s. SFoM! Live tonight,  June 18 at 9 pm, after the Rockies game.

Scruffy Murphy’s. Two blocks from Coors Field, 2030 Larimer Street.

Stop by for music, beer and whiskey. We’ll have plenty of free CDs for your enjoyment. You can also find us at Last.fm, and get some free downloads there.

Last Night at Scruffy Murphy’s

We had a good time; we always do there. A couple guys got up and sang some tunes with us. Not sure who they were, or why they thought it was some kind of karaoke thing, but it was fun. I drank plenty of Boddington’s. Damn fine beer. I also ate the spicy turkey sandwich, made w/ Sriracha mayo. It was the bomb – Scruffy Murphy’s has good sandwiches, and they serve food until 1 am.

Some highlights from last evening:

  1. Funk #49/Why Don’t We Do It In The Road mash-up
  2. Spicy Turkey Sandwich
  3. Bret’s friends were kind enough to bum me cigarettes…so was my brother’s girlfriend. (I quit…buying them)
  4. We opened with an all-original mini-set
  5. A couple girls we never seen before, and never saw afterwards brought us shots of whiskey on stage, and then took our glasses.
  6. The crowd sang along to Add It Up

We’re fortunate enough to be able to get up and do it again tonight down in Ned Kelly’s. Rock and Roll can save the world!

Fireworks in Lodo on a Friday Night

Wanna get loud? Go to an Irish Bar. People get drunk, people get rowdy, people like to rock. The crowd at Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Pub was a little more tame than our recent passes through there, but it definitely had its moments.

The party didn’t really get started until after the Rockies game ended. It was the fireworks game (for Independence Day, to you non-American SFoM fans), so there were a bunch of people in Lodo milling about and watching mid-air explosions. I stood on the patio and smoked a cigarette. Some really loud girl with a bad attitude was making cynical remarks about the fireworks. She was cute though… the girls with the bad attitudes are a lot of times…

My low point of the evening came right off the bat. I forgot how to play “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.”

Yeah, that’s what I said. At least it was the first song. We picked it up right away with an improvisational 12-bar blues jam in A. I’m pretty sure I heard some hollerin’ as we started rippin’ into it.

Some of the other highlights of the evening:

  1. 8 minute version of Tom Petty’s “Breakdown” that turned into a psychedelic “5 to 1” by The Doors.
  2. “Seven Nation Army” never disappoints.
  3. Breton’s wife flashed him.
  4. One of our crazier fans, Scott, was in attendance and got up and blew  some blazing harp on “Crossroads.” He also provided backing vocals on “Sunshine of Your Love,” and “Gloria.”
  5. “Add It Up” by the Violent Femmes blew the doors off the place. It always does. It’s like a secret weapon.
  6. A pack of cigarettes vibrated off my amp and landed in my beer. Then later a lighter vibrated off my amp and landed in my beer…the coup de gras was when the cowbell vibrated off my amp and smashed my beer glass all over the stage.
  7. We played our new song  “What They Say.” It was awesome and people got into it. It’s our most metal song.
  8. I lost my glasses.

After we played the new song, which was our last song, I got off stage, and these three people at a table stopped me.

“Hey, that was awesome,” one girl said, “Do you guys smoke before you play?”

Ahh… The Mile “High” City.