Pics and Memories from Ned’s Last Night

Ned Kelly’s last night… I don’t know if we’ve ever gotten so much help with our sound. We even had a guy run up and fix Matty’s drum kit when his ride cymbal cocked forward and landed on his snare during “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” at the beginning of the first set. “Turn up the bass… turn up the drummer’s mic… turn up the vocals… more guitar…” at least everyone was telling us to turn it up.

By the end of the night, with hundreds of bright-ass LEDs flashing, and the decibels in the 80s or 90s, we turned that Irish/Australian pub into the Rocky Mountain outpost of American Rock and Roll. What we laid down was picked up by the Ned’s revelers. It’s always an ego boost playing there. Littleton might be the springboard for the next great American rock and roll scene. Or maybe it’ll be Arvada.

Some highlights:

  • All the rockers and rollers in attendence
  • Guinness
  • The lights were blinding!
  • The folks who signed up for our email list
  • The crowd liked “Damn Shame”
  • “Picture Show” sounded like a punk-rock Frankenstein’s monster
  • The resurrection of the acoustic set

We’re going to book a couple more shows for 2011, we’ve got new music to record, and we’re planning a tour of the Midwest in 2012. Stay tuned!

The photographic record:

We rocked an acoustic set in the middle of the show

Matt Berg stays one step ahead of Death on the bass guitar

Matty Keeps Time

More rockin'

Here are the loyal SFoMers enjoying an autumn evening while having their bones rattled

Breton played the guitar remarkably well considering the gamma radiation coming from our Colorado flag

Keeping it together

SFoM Tonight October 22 Ned Kelly’s Irish Pub Downtown Littleton

Famous Irish Outlaw Guy from Australia

We’re playing one of our old haunts tonight – Ned Kelly’s Irish Pub. Located at 5686 S. Sycamore in Old Town Littleton. We start at 8, and we play until at least 12. It’s free, and they got good beer and good atmosphere. If you’re looking for something to do tonight, look no further! SFoM Live at Ned Kelly’s! We’ll have some CDs to hand out as well as other official SFoM merchandise.

Listen to use here, or scrobble us at Have good mosh pitting.

SFoM Pics From The Last Couple Weeks

The man he stepped up to the microphone and he gave it a kiss. It was a big wet, slippery kiss. And he had sweat dripping off of his nose onto the windscreen. As he looked out over the audience he said, “God bless you, God bless you one and all.” Then he took a can of Ronson lighter fluid and he squirted it over the top of his head, and proceeded to light himself on fire. As he stood there glowing he said, “Remember this day.” -Arnie


Scruffy Murphy's... before the rock


Scruffy Murphy's... during the rock


Bowler Hat Matty


That guy in the corner can't handle the bass...

We rocked a lot of new faces these last couple weeks. SFoM is firing on all cylinders right now. Practices have been long and intense, but our songs are second nature to us now. The muscle memory is there, it’s just a matter of the feeling we put into our instruments when we get on that stage.  Our lives are as complex as our music, and our feelings are as dynamic as any day’s events. No two shows are ever the same. We look forward to expressing ourselves artistically all summer, and finding new people that enjoy our music. Rock on!



Fierce Rockin'


SFoM - Workin' Man's Band


Ned Kelly's - May 7, 2011

All thanks for these photos goes to Tricia Smith and Jenni Moore.

Saturday Night – May 14 – SFoM at Scruffy Murphy’s – 9 pm – Downtown Denver

That’s right, it’s that time of year again!

Er… SFoM time…

If you missed us last week, here’s your chance to catch up. We’re rockin’ LoDo Saturday, May 14 for the first time in 2011. Scruffy Murphy’s – one of the coolest spots downtown (directions). If you’re going to the Rockies game Saturday afternoon, you’re gonna want to party afterwards. We’ll supply the music starting at 9, Scruffy’s will supply the beer and whiskey. Come get rowdy, and watch us get loud. We start at 9, and we go until the crowd can’t stand no more.

Rock and roll will never die! Come hear our mix of originals and classic covers, get your groove on, and celebrate after the Rockies game! If you see Tulo, Cargo, Ubaldo or anyone else, tell them to come too.

As always, we’ll have shirts and hats for sale, and we’ll be giving away stickers and CDs. Listen to us here, or head over to and get yo’ scrobble on! See you Saturday!

Saturday Night! SFoM at Ned Kelly’s, Downtown Littleton!

Hey everyone, if you’re looking to drink, if you’re looking to party, if you’re looking to ROCK, come on down to Ned Kelly’s (Directions) in downtown Littleton this Saturday night, May 7! The music starts at 8 pm, and we can go all night.

RMS Lusitania

We’ll have the usual mix of covers and originals, and as always, you should expect the unexpected. Wear comfortable clothes, because you might need to make some moves.

Don’t forget to pick up a free four-song CD if you come by! You can also download us here on this site, or you can scrobble us at Last.FM.

Can’t wait to see all your smiling, drunken faces.



SFoM… Still At It In The Basement

We haven’t given up; we haven’t gone away.


A picture of the letter we got from the Red Cross

After the fundraiser, we’ve just been doing our thing the last few weeks. Like learning new material, expanding on old ideas, drinking Busch Light and having a good time. In our effort to ever entertain you, we’re coming up with new ideas on how we can entertain you. Here’s a short list of some of our online endeavors.


Speaking of YouTube, here’s a couple gems from recent practice sessions. The first one is (another) Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers cover – “I Need To Know.” One of our favorites. Check it out, and you’ll see why.

This may come as a shock, but there is a little work involved in creating a song. If only it were as easy as strapping on a guitar and making beautiful sounds that you immediately knew couldn’t be any better. Alas, each SFoM original must go through a period of “woodshedding,” as we call it, where we put it on the workbench, cut it up, piece it together and sand it down. Here’s an example of us woodshedding a new song that doesn’t even have a title yet.

SFoM’s first bass player, a dude named Brian Bittmann, has also been making some appearances around the basement lately, trying to add to the stew the flavor and spice contained within the keyboard. Here’s a short little snippet from a happy little tune of his called “Lead” I shot while the band took a little break on a lovely springtime morning.

This is only a little snapshot of what we’ve been working on. Come check us out sometime! It’s the closest you can get to Valhalla in this world.

We’ll be at Ned Kelly’s on May 7 all night. Free show! Cheap booze!


Ned Kelly’s Wrap Up

What an AWESOME night at Ned’s tonight! Packed house, everyone was in a good mood, great feedback from the crowd.

First gig of 2011, and we’re off to a fantastic start. We came out and played some new covers really tightly, and we hit our stride on all the standard stuff. We may not have played out in about a month, but we’ve been practicing. Some highlights:

  1. Loving Cup was fairly represented by us for the first time.
  2. Some guy kept yelling at us to play some Merle Haggard.
  3. It was Rhonda’s birthday… also MLK’s.
  4. We were told we have our own style on the covers we play.
  5. Everyone was in a great mood and friendly. The surly folk must’ve stayed home.
  6. Matty had a new drum setup.
  7. We got to hand out our CDs, and people were chasing us down after the set for them.

Being off to such a start just raises our confidence that much more for next Saturday’s show at The Lion’s Lair in Denver. Come check us out! We’ll be jammin’ a forty-five minute rock set, so we’ll be coming right out to melt faces, and we’ll hang out after the show. Also, I’ll be unveiling my authentic Japanese headband.

Saturday Night! SFoM Jams Ned Kelly’s in Littleton

Friends, SFoM fans, countrymen…

2011 is upon us, and it’s time to make good on your New Year’s resolution…

To Rock More in 2011 then you ever have before!

Saturday night! January 15! Ned Kelly’s Irish Pub in Downtown Littleton. We start at 8 pm, and we rock ALL NIGHT! It’s better than Sweatin’ to the Oldies. Come see what your favorite band has in store for the new year.

We will have t-shirts and stickers so you can show your support. Also, we will hand out CDs with some songs destined to become your favorites (they’re our songs, btw).

(besides free SFoM music)

$5 PBJ’s (PBR & Shot of Jamo)
$5 Guinness Drop-ins
$1 Rolling Rock Pints during Happy Hour
$1 PBR cans after 11pm
$3 Absolute Specials

Ned Kelly’s Was Off The Chain Last Night

Great show last night! Ned Kelly’s in downtown Littleton was packed and full of rowdy women. Three birthday parties found their way to that little Irish bar, and were welcomed by the self-proclaimed best band in Denver.

Aside from my underachieving vocals, and my attempt at “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground” when Breton had to make a mid-set restroom run, we were on fire. We debuted a few new covers we’ve been rehearsing, and Matty and I embraced the essential tongue-in-cheekiness of rock and roll with a visit to a costume and vintage clothing shop before the gig.

Some highlights of the evening.

  1. Really hot bartender in a Jack Daniel’s shirt.
  2. The place was packed.
  3. There was a four song set around 10 pm where we had about 10 ladies just dancing right in front of us.
  4. The Nuggets beat the Mavericks, improving their record to 4-2.
  5. We played “Loving Cup,” and “Isis” for the first time.
  6. “Gloria” is really coming together and we’re starting to make it our own.
  7. We got mad email addresses to keep the locals interested in upcoming gigs.
  8. The paper towel dispenser in the men’s room got jammed.

It was a lot of fun. Now we look forward to our next upcoming shows: actual shows, not cover gigs. November 26 at Bushwackers (1967 S. Broadway). and The Larimer Lounge (2721 Larimer Street) on December 9. We’ll keep you posted.

Ned Kelly’s Irish Pub – November 6 – Littleton

Saturday, November 6, 2010 – 8pm


Ned Kelly’s Irish Pub
5686 S. Sycamore – Littleton, CO

That’s right, SFoM fans, we’re gettin’ ready to ride again! So dust off your saddles, and make sure your spurs are janglin’ for this Saturday night! Come down, get drunk, have political arguments with people you don’t know, and rock out to the best music in town.