SFoM’s Secret Show – Sweetwater Station

Sorry we haven’t written in a while. We had to go underground and ride out the storm. While we were down there, we joined forces with local guitarslinger Jonathan Zurek. He helps promote strong blues and the daily allowance of blazing leads in the SFoM Rock Pyramid.

Like this, but for ROCK

The four of us returned from the underground at the Sweetwater Station in Beautiful Westminster, Colorado, and we took on an open mic challenge. We played an hour of new songs from our ever-expanding universe of covers.

Since this was our secret show, we can’t divulge the new songs… but we’re back, and we’ll be talking to you again soon. Stay tuned.

The Photographic Record

Sweetwater is what they call beer in Westminster

Bret sings when blue lights are on behind him

Bass arrives at the Sweetwater Station

Jon focuses on his guitar

Bret plays guitar when green lights are on behind him

Jon and Breton tuning up for rehearsal

The rhythm section

Pics and Memories from Ned’s Last Night

Ned Kelly’s last night… I don’t know if we’ve ever gotten so much help with our sound. We even had a guy run up and fix Matty’s drum kit when his ride cymbal cocked forward and landed on his snare during “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” at the beginning of the first set. “Turn up the bass… turn up the drummer’s mic… turn up the vocals… more guitar…” at least everyone was telling us to turn it up.

By the end of the night, with hundreds of bright-ass LEDs flashing, and the decibels in the 80s or 90s, we turned that Irish/Australian pub into the Rocky Mountain outpost of American Rock and Roll. What we laid down was picked up by the Ned’s revelers. It’s always an ego boost playing there. Littleton might be the springboard for the next great American rock and roll scene. Or maybe it’ll be Arvada.

Some highlights:

  • All the rockers and rollers in attendence
  • Guinness
  • The lights were blinding!
  • The folks who signed up for our email list
  • The crowd liked “Damn Shame”
  • “Picture Show” sounded like a punk-rock Frankenstein’s monster
  • The resurrection of the acoustic set

We’re going to book a couple more shows for 2011, we’ve got new music to record, and we’re planning a tour of the Midwest in 2012. Stay tuned!

The photographic record:

We rocked an acoustic set in the middle of the show

Matt Berg stays one step ahead of Death on the bass guitar

Matty Keeps Time

More rockin'

Here are the loyal SFoMers enjoying an autumn evening while having their bones rattled

Breton played the guitar remarkably well considering the gamma radiation coming from our Colorado flag

Keeping it together

Venimos, Bushwackdimos, Vicimos (We Came, We Bushwacked, We Conquered)

Bushwackers last night… whoa. We opened Metal Night for a packed house in support of NDAAZ, Chainsaw Love Affair, and Ill Will. It was like the Renaissance Fair, only for metal. Big hair, leather pants, tattoos – full metal regalia.

With our chameleon-like musical powers, we were able to warm up the bar properly to the unattenuated levels of Breton’s Gibson/Marshall combination, Matty’s Sonors and K’s, and Berg’s 450-watts of overdriven bass. We also played fast and hard, leaving gallons of sweat on stage, and we did it without sacrificing the SFoM groove you’ve come to know and love.

Some highlights:

  • It’s easy to pack for and set up when the objective is playing as fast and as loud as you can
  • The awesome crowd and atmosphere
  • Chainsaw Love Affair’s resurrection of the Glam Metal sound
  • Our first performance of the new song “Damn Shame” kicked ass
  • Matty used a different drum setup and it sounded like the Guns of the Navaronne
  • The new sound guy kicked it up a notch with the new JBLs and improved house sound system
  • The after party
All in all, a good night for metal and SFoM. Here is the photographic record:
This is what it sounds like, when pterodactyls cry...


Too hot to handle, too cold to hold

Leaning Into It

Matty was red hot on drums last night

Special thanks to Tricia for taking these photos. Thanks to everyone who came. Thanks to the other bands and Bushwackers for having us. Thanks for keeping local music alive and interesting.

Check us out elsewhere on the web. You can Like us at Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and Scrobble us at Last.fm.

Plan ahead! We’re playing Ned Kelly’s on Saturday, October 22 from 8-12. Come out to Downtown Littleton and help us kick out the jams!

Listen to our music here!

Joe G. and Matty

Matty and Jenni

Tricia and Jenni rockin' out

Bret's big brother Joe P. from Kansas

Pics and Memories from Scruffy Murphy’s Last Night

It was a beautiful night in Denver. Many people had experienced falafels for the first time at the Taste of Colorado. And in LoDo, many people got to experience a new and overhauled SFoM sound. More power, more sound. Recent upgrades to instrument hardware got field tested last night, and the results were positive.

The music from Scruffy’s last night changed the world. If you woke up today and said to yourself, “Everything is different,” it’s because of last night’s gig. Below are some historic highlights:

  • Perb was able to bring the combined sonic power of Fender and Marshall amplifiers together with his new Lehle pedal.
  • Matty had some weird little snare drum and it was awesome
  • Matty also Kaossilates like no one else in the history of mankind. Matt Moore is not only a great drummer, but the best Kaossilator in the world.
  • For the bass, the Tech 21 SansAmp and the new strings worked beautifully to prove A Tribe Called Quest’s Low-End Theory.
  • “Cocaine.” Not the drug. The song inspired by the drug. By J.J. Cale.  We only practiced it twice. BAM! We got J.J. Cale down cold. (We also played “After Midnight.”)
  • We debuted one of our new favorite covers to play: “Steady As She Goes” by The Raconteurs. We played it better than any time we rehearsed it.
  • We had mad support from friends. It was great to see everybody.
  • Thanks to those people who said we were the “best cover band ever!”
And now photographic record of last night’s historic events.

SFoM Rockin' at Scruffy Murphy's


Matty takin' it down to just snare for "Add It Up" (Violent Femmes cover)

Picture of a djembe with a bass player in the background

Matty's eyes burn with the radiance of 1,000 Supernovae

The Rhythm Section

Perb Telecastin'

Dave, Kara and Jess came to ROCK!

Bryan and Jenni showing their love for the rock movement

Thanks to the lovely Tricia Smith for taking these photos, and thanks to everyone who came!

Much love,


SFoM – Lion’s Lair Recap and Pictures 7/8/11

Ever heard the tale of Daniel in the Lion’s Den? Last night it was SFoM in the Lion’s Lair. Not because the stories of Daniel and SFoM match up, but because it sounds bad ass to say that.

We were like this last night... except with instruments.

We tamed the lions in their lair with our three main implements of rock: bass, guitar and drums. We also weirded the lions out with the Kaossilator. This weird little yellow thing Matty manipulates between songs.

The night started off with The Blackhounds, a modern southern rock outfit from North Carolina. They were great.

Following them was The Worth. They are one of the most intense local acts I’ve seen since The Stuntdoubles. Powerful metal riffs and shout-screaming whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

We had our work cut out for us after the warm-up the crowd got from those two bands. There was a man at the bar during our setup that kept shouting that the music made him “want to kill and everything.” We didn’t want that to happen… but we also didn’t want this crowd (metaphorical lions) to turn on us.

We setup fast, turned up loud, and blistered through a real rager of a set for 70 mins. We were all blinded by sweat and exhausted by the end. This might’ve been our finest performance to date.

Some highlights:

  1. Opening with back-to-back instrumentals
  2. Just playing LOUD
  3. Hearing people describe us as “Amazing”
  4. Learning that the Lion’s Lair has been voted Best Jukebox in Denver through Westword.
  5. Getting to hear “Raw Power” by The Stooges and “Pusher Man” by Curtis Mayfield on that Jukebox
  6. Getting turned onto The Worth and The Blackhounds. Two awesome bands.
  7. Our most faithful fans, and their photography
  8. Finding good parking
  9. Headlining The Lion’s Lair.
Make sure you check us out next time we come around. Check out our music here, or at last.fm. Also, come to our shows, buy a shirt and CLOTHE YOUR CHILDREN!! No more burlap sacks for them at school! They’ll look flashy in their SFoM gear, and they’ll become popular – the most important thing about getting an education.
Here are some photos. Enjoy!


Breton preparing for the set by receiving his ritual cockpunching from Matty

There we are...

The Lion's Lair

Brainstorming a Rager

SFoM Pics From The Last Couple Weeks

The man he stepped up to the microphone and he gave it a kiss. It was a big wet, slippery kiss. And he had sweat dripping off of his nose onto the windscreen. As he looked out over the audience he said, “God bless you, God bless you one and all.” Then he took a can of Ronson lighter fluid and he squirted it over the top of his head, and proceeded to light himself on fire. As he stood there glowing he said, “Remember this day.” -Arnie


Scruffy Murphy's... before the rock


Scruffy Murphy's... during the rock


Bowler Hat Matty


That guy in the corner can't handle the bass...

We rocked a lot of new faces these last couple weeks. SFoM is firing on all cylinders right now. Practices have been long and intense, but our songs are second nature to us now. The muscle memory is there, it’s just a matter of the feeling we put into our instruments when we get on that stage.  Our lives are as complex as our music, and our feelings are as dynamic as any day’s events. No two shows are ever the same. We look forward to expressing ourselves artistically all summer, and finding new people that enjoy our music. Rock on!



Fierce Rockin'


SFoM - Workin' Man's Band


Ned Kelly's - May 7, 2011

All thanks for these photos goes to Tricia Smith and Jenni Moore.