SFoM… Still At It In The Basement

We haven’t given up; we haven’t gone away.


A picture of the letter we got from the Red Cross

After the fundraiser, we’ve just been doing our thing the last few weeks. Like learning new material, expanding on old ideas, drinking Busch Light and having a good time. In our effort to ever entertain you, we’re coming up with new ideas on how we can entertain you. Here’s a short list of some of our online endeavors.


Speaking of YouTube, here’s a couple gems from recent practice sessions. The first one is (another) Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers cover – “I Need To Know.” One of our favorites. Check it out, and you’ll see why.

This may come as a shock, but there is a little work involved in creating a song. If only it were as easy as strapping on a guitar and making beautiful sounds that you immediately knew couldn’t be any better. Alas, each SFoM original must go through a period of “woodshedding,” as we call it, where we put it on the workbench, cut it up, piece it together and sand it down. Here’s an example of us woodshedding a new song that doesn’t even have a title yet.

SFoM’s first bass player, a dude named Brian Bittmann, has also been making some appearances around the basement lately, trying to add to the stew the flavor and spice contained within the keyboard. Here’s a short little snippet from a happy little tune of his called “Lead” I shot while the band took a little break on a lovely springtime morning.

This is only a little snapshot of what we’ve been working on. Come check us out sometime! It’s the closest you can get to Valhalla in this world.

We’ll be at Ned Kelly’s on May 7 all night. Free show! Cheap booze!


Jammin’ on a Sunday Afternoon

Matty had to take this Sunday off from workin’ in the woodshed, but Breton and I still got together and jammed on acoustics for a couple hours. Here’s a couple highlights.

“Breakdown” by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. One of our favorite covers, and it usually gets the crowd going. Here’s what it sounds like with a couple acoustic guitars.

“Loving Cup” by The Rolling Stones. One of my personal favorites off Exile on Main Street. I’m pretty stoked we’re adding this to the repertoire.

Hope you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed playing them! Make sure you check out some of our original tracks under the SFoM Music link.


Ahh, Saturday morning is here. Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings are when SFoM transforms from upstanding members of Denver society into their alter egos. Rockers. Well “Rockers’ are what we are naturally, so I guess our alter ego’s are the upstanding members of society. We love hitting the rehearsal space not only to jam, but to work on our web presence, build the schedule, work on booking and all things band related. New riffs and new beats. A time to focus 100% on SFoM. We hunker down and let the beasts out of their cages. Hear us roar.

Practiced at Perb’s house for the first time as a band. Black lights and posters. It’s hot outside…so hot I have heat rash. We haven’t had a gig in a while, and we still have a couple weeks off (unless something comes up), but that hasn’t kept us from breaking guitar strings. Still woodshedding it…

We’re looking forward to getting back in the studio this Fall, and we might come with a different approach.  We’re also looking to post some songs on this site soon. We’ll keep you posted, and we hope to see you soon.

Right now we’re listening to some crazy rap music about sex. Before this, we got a little experimental on our instruments, and Perb started wailing on the keyboard while I played the guitar. Now we’re off…