Bushwackers – Denver – November 26

We got a show on November 26, so bring your leftover mashed potatoes, sit down, have a beer, eat your mashed potatoes and rock out to your favorite band: SFoM at Bushwackers on THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!!

Thanksgiving is great. For me, anyway. Some people have to cook. I’m no good at that. Some people like it. It’s too similar to work for me to enjoy. I just sit and eat. I’m like a scavenger…

On Thanksgiving, I watch unmemorable football. I thank my mom for allowing me do that. If it wasn’t for mom, Thanksgivings would kind of suck. I’d probably eat chicken nuggets or spaghetti or something…

I can’t think of anything exciting that has ever happened in a Thanksgiving NFL game. The only thing memorable about any of those games was watching John Madden freak out in astonishment at the turkey with six legs EVERY YEAR! They’d unveil the turkey, and John would shout, “THAT TURKEY’S GOT SIX LEGS!!”Either he forgot they had one the year before, or he’s completely astounded by the discovery of this horrible freak bird that had a drumstick for a head. “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! THAT TURKEY’S GOT SIX LEGS!!”

I’m excited for Thanksgiving…and the day after.

Melo Will Stay In Denver

In the media, Carmelo Anthony always talks about wanting a championship. He makes it sound like it’s the most important thing he can do professionally. Indeed it is, but few guys can iterate that desire so well. Sure, Melo’s been a punk in the past and done some dumb things. But so have I, and I’m in no position to judge anyone for past transgressions.

Looking past that, when have you ever seen a Nuggets team with this much potential? And one thing about Melo is the dude has been a champion before. He lead Syracuse to the NCAA championship before he declared himself eligible for the 2003 NBA draft. He knows what it looks like, and he knows the feeling.

Melo and coach George Karl have a great relationship, and if you watched tonight’s season opener against the Jazz, it was hard to miss the on-court personal chemistry between Melo and local star Chauncey Billups. Furthermore, Karl said if Melo sticks around, and Birdman and K-Mart get healthy and return, this will be the best team he’s coached in Denver.

I may be coming off as an overly-optimistic Nuggets fan, but I honestly believe Melo will make the right decision and stay in Denver. For a guy who wants to win a championship, what makes more sense? Going to the New York Knicks to play with pretty much only Amar’e Stoudemire against the Celtics and the Heat all year, or staying in Denver, and playing with the amazing team of ballers that have been built up and seasoned over the last few years.

Melo needs to get even with the Spurs, and of course, the Lakers. There are scores to be settled. The Nuggets have never showed this much promise, and it just wouldn’t make sense for Melo to leave it all behind now; when the Nuggets are on the verge of being the best basketball team Denver has ever seen.

There are more mundane and human factors at play in this drama, but there is also a higher calling that must be answered. There is a supporting cast of players who have matured professionally with Melo, and who are no longer young and inexperienced, but now veterans (who still have a good number of years left in their careers). Who could turn away now? It wouldn’t make sense. Imagine looking back and seeing this team in your rear view mirror.

So for these reasons, and scores more (like the fact that Denver is one of the best places in the world), I predict Carmelo Anthony will wake up and realize that the Nuggets is the team for which he needs to play. Especially after we win a few games this season, and he starts getting fired up.

Mark my words. GO NUGGETS!!