Denver Paper Fashion Show


The 11th Annual Art Director’s Club of Denver Paper Fashion Show just took place on April 10, 2015. Among the many in attendance was SFoM’s bass player, who took footage from the event of Sakura Lab’s “Siren’s Call” dress and edited it together with an instrumental track from SFoM’s upcoming studio project.

For those curious, this is an instrumental version of a song called “Reason to Sin.” The designers of the dress were Tricia Smith, Angela Mavers and Richard Smith. The ADCD Paper Fashion Show is a fundraising benefit for the Downtown Aurora Visual Arts program.

Listen to SFoM Music Online!

You asked for it…and now you’re gonna get it! If you were curious about what we did in the studio, we’re letting you in on it now. We got three brand-new tracks up  here, and we got more to come! Listen online, or right-click and save as so you can have your very own SFoM mp3s on whatever sort of device you use to listen to music. Just follow the link below…

SFoM Music

Be sure to comment on that page and let us know what you think! We still got a little mixing and mastering to do, but we couldn’t wait to give it to our friends and fans. Burn these tracks to a CD – they make great stocking stuffers! Tell your friends, share the link, and enjoy!

Studio: Day Three

“Brought to you by Zeus.” -Joe Turse

Thinking outside the box, and talking about $7000 “basket weave” snare drums.

Our new tracks are being EQed on the Square State Solid State equalizer; designed, constructed and sold by Joe’s own company.

Joe's Square State Solid State Equalizer

Mixing day…isolated drum tracks go from sounding like drum tracks to dark scary howls from deep within the frozen caves of the Himalayas.

“Go Again” may be “Free Bird” epic. This house smells like nag champa.

Madison, WI on the horizon. It’s on an isthmus. Faith in The Indie Bible will get us there.

“We could write a book of analogies from this session.” one of the songs sounds like two guitars playing solos at each other from boats across the water.

It’s funny, we were here a year ago, and nothing has changed. Joe’s chair without wheels, some tiny electronic keyboard on top of three boxes with blinking lights… I don’t know what they do.

What has changed is our level of efficiency. What we’re able to get done.

In the end, we’ve got six songs on a CD (two alternate mixes of one). We’ll let you know soon what the final cuts are (from this session). They’re still a little raw and unfinished, but definitely rockable. We can’t wait to get them into your hands and your ears, so stay tuned and we’ll let you know how to get your own copy.

One way to get a copy – We’ll have some copies for sure this Thursday, December 9 at The Larimer Lounge. We hit the stage at 9 pm, and we’d love to see you there. so we can tell you all about our studio adventures, and so we can show you our new SFoM gear.

Studio: Day Two

If you sit in silence and never speak, what stories will you leave for the young people to tell?
If you live shut away in a forest thicket, how can the sun of wisdom shine out?
No dried-up carcass can be the guardian of the Way.
Wind and frost bring sickness and early death.
Play with a clay ox in a field of stone and you’ll never see the harvest day!

Cold Mountain #53 by Han-shan

Laid down mad bass tracks using Joe’s homemade pedals. The guardians of the Way guided my hands through mistakes and missteps, and turned them into studio gold.

Things happen here. Compression. Distortion. Overtones. Today’s overtones were those of doom and salvation. Screaming guitars, growling bass, thundering drums. Cutting through the rock, pulverizing the stone. Here in this studio, we’re unearthing musical gems.

A day of challenges. Pushing each other to the limits. “Do this! it should be played this way!” let’s do it again. Repetition in the studio gives you that relaxed live feeling. Like you’re playing a set in your living room. I could live in a studio and do this all the time.

Joe Turse’s studio is the ultimate man cave. For musicians anyway. I’m sure, as Coors commercials have shown me, that some men prefer to build boats in their garage with their tools.

When we’re not rockin’, we’re relaxing on big couches or comfortable chairs and reading one of the books off the shelves. It’s an eclectic library. Science, eastern philosophy, poetry. I was going to read Slaughterhouse-Five, but I got caught up in the ancient Chinese poetry of Han-shan, and in a slang dictionary.

Raising the temperature of the room for the vocal recordings. Trying our best to get Breton warmed up. Tea, piano, jumping jacks. As much as we’re trying to polish the sound, we’re also trying to capture our live energy…in every track we record.

Studio: Day One

Gettin’ a little weird with that video, but that’s really the spirit we tried to embrace in the studio today. We’re getting as weird as we do in our basement rehearsal space. Last time we were in the studio with Joe, we only got a couple songs done.

We had less time, and less experience.

Today, we made preliminary tracks for six songs. All together, we probably recorded 10 songs. Tomorrow we focus on adding the different layers – guitars, vox, shakers, harmonicas, harps – and then Sunday is reserved for mixing as much as we can get done in a full-day session.

We took a couple different approaches to these recordings. We isolated the drums on a few tracks, and on others we recorded live with the guitar amp in the room. We’re going for a big sound on these tracks, and we’re pretty excited with what the groundwork we’ve laid.

We’ve got something on the horizon… maybe an album, maybe just a few songs we’ll throw out there over the next couple months.

If you wanna come talk to us about it, maybe get a couple preliminary copies of this stuff, we’re jammin’ at the Larimer Lounge this Thursday, Dec. 9 at 9 pm.

The Winter of Rock

December is almost here, and we’re looking forward to the upcoming winter months. Thursday, December 9 we play the Larimer Lounge; a favorite place of mine to jam. I feel like that place gives me the real-life rock star experience: I get to stand in the dark with a full sound system, stage lights, and I get to blast my own music at jet-engine noise levels. Another reason it’s  exciting: we also get to show off our new t-shirts and hats for sale that night.

The Larimer Lounge isn’t the first nor only thing slotted for the darkest month of the year; this Friday we’re revisiting San Luis Sound – a recording studio set up in an old pipe organ rehearsal space in the midst of suburban Broomfield. San Luis Sound is run by local recording wizard Joe Turse, with whom we have worked before on our last two recorded tracks: “Try For You,” and “Know Me Well.”

After the studio and Larimer Lounge, we’re off the rest of the year (so far), and then we start strong in January, playing Ned Kelly’s once again.

It’s been a great year for SFoM – the best so far. If our past is any indicator, we’re up for some big things in 2011. What’s awesome is that we’ve worked to create in 2010, and that’s what we’re gonna carry with us into next year. SFoM is becoming something tangible; not just a band you see at a bar.

These are the days of our lives.