It was the third of September… Saturday Night! Scruffy Murphy’s! LoDo Denver

This Saturday Night!

It was the third of September…that date I’ll always remember, yes I will… ‘Cause that was the day, SFoM played Scruffy’s.

If you’ve never had the chance to see us. Never heard nothin’ but bad things about us…well then we’re depending on our music to tell you the truth.

Saturday Night! Put your glad rags on and head down to LoDo, Denver! Scruffy Murphy’s! This September 3, We’ll be playing from 9 pm until the Sun rises, or 1 am, which ever comes first. If your papa was a rollin’ stone, then this is the place for you to be.

We’ve got some new music to perform, and new weapons in our rock arsenal to battle the forces of lameness. We’re expecting to have a good time, and we’re looking for people who want the same thing for their Saturday evening.

We’ll be a couple blocks east of Coors Field. Stop by for some rock, beer and whiskey.

As always, we’ll have plenty of free CDs and some t-shirts for people to sport. Scrobble us on, or you can listen to us here, and be liberated!

Life is short. Come check us out. When we die, all we’ll leave you is alone.

Tonight! We Rock An Australian…errrr, Irish Pub in Littleton!

Ned Kelly’s! Named after some murderous rampager who lived his whole life in Victoria, Australia. Of course it’s an Irish Pub! Well, they serve Guinness, Jameson, and things like bangers and mash. Mmm…bangers…and mash. Isn’t mash that game where you find out who you’re going to marry, and what kind of house you’re going to live in? (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House is what it stands for). Oh well, who cares? WE’RE WINNING!! And hopefully the Broncos will be too.

Oh yeah, it’s also some sort of western festival in Littleton tonight. Come out and celebrate manifest destiny!

For more information on the infamous Australian bushranger, click here!

Ned Kelly’s Irish Pub
5686 S. Sycamore Street – Littleton

Last Night at Scruffy Murphy’s

We had a good time; we always do there. A couple guys got up and sang some tunes with us. Not sure who they were, or why they thought it was some kind of karaoke thing, but it was fun. I drank plenty of Boddington’s. Damn fine beer. I also ate the spicy turkey sandwich, made w/ Sriracha mayo. It was the bomb – Scruffy Murphy’s has good sandwiches, and they serve food until 1 am.

Some highlights from last evening:

  1. Funk #49/Why Don’t We Do It In The Road mash-up
  2. Spicy Turkey Sandwich
  3. Bret’s friends were kind enough to bum me cigarettes…so was my brother’s girlfriend. (I quit…buying them)
  4. We opened with an all-original mini-set
  5. A couple girls we never seen before, and never saw afterwards brought us shots of whiskey on stage, and then took our glasses.
  6. The crowd sang along to Add It Up

We’re fortunate enough to be able to get up and do it again tonight down in Ned Kelly’s. Rock and Roll can save the world!